Where do I go for more information?

  • The single best source of information is the web site of the Law School Admission Council, where you will find a wealth of material on everything related to law school. The LSAT, applying to law school, data, publications...it is all there.
  • The UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Prelaw Advisor is a great resource.
  • Check out the Pre-Law Advisors' National Council (PLANC) website. This is the national organization of all the regional pre-law advising associations.
  • The American Bar Association has a good overview of the process called Preparing for Law School.
  • And here is the official list of ABA accredited law schools.
  • UIC has a student organization called the Pre-Law Society. Their activities change from year to year depending on what their leaders and members want to do, and what resources are available, but in recent years they have done or been involved with activities like these:
    • Sponsoring talks and panel discussions by professors, lawyers, and UIC alumni who are now practicing attorneys, on a variety of topics such as law school admissions, writing a personal statement, what lawyers do, what law school is like, and related subjects.
    • Arranging mentorships with local attorneys.
  • If you are ready to speak with a Pre-Law Advisor, contact Bradley A. Mueller, J.D., who is the LAS Pre-Law Advisor.
  • Email: LASprelaw@uic.edu
  • Office: 309 University Hall
  • Phone: (312) 996-3366
  • Fax: (312) 413-8577

Links to other sources of information:

There is an ocean of information available on the web for people interested in the law. Here are just a few, and all of them have links you can follow to many other sources: